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The Lean Journalism Canvas is a tool to help journalists to developp a business model for their projects.

Lean Journalism Canvas's Creator

Alexander Osterwalder, Business Model Canvas Creator

Damien van Achter

The Lean Journalism Canvas was created by Damien van Achter, journalism professor.

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Description of the Lean Journalism Canvas

The Lean Journalism Canvas has been imaginated by Damien van Achter, journalism teacher in Belgium. He considered the necessity for journalists (and students in journalism) to raise funds for their projects, in particular using crowdfunding.

The Lean Journalism Canvas takes its inspiration from Business Model Canvas, Lean Canvas and from « New News Process ».

  • Problem/Phenomen

    Which facts ? Which figures ?

    What are the direct sources?

    What are the hypotheses ?

  • Metric/KPI

    What's the social impact ?

    What is the traffic ?

    Which engagement ?

    What's the Revenue on Investment ?

  • Value Proposition

    Why now ?

    Which specific insight/angle do you choose ?

    Which legitimacy has the team to deal with this issue ?

    What's the added value of this project ?

  • Storytelling

    What's the conversation strategy ?

    What's the lifecycle of the project ?

    What's your unfair advantage ?

  • Stakeholders

    Who are the influencers ?

    Who are the lobbies ?

    And from on a political point of view ?

  • Content packaging

    What are the users experiences ?

    Which plateforms, which devices ?

    Do you choose standalone solutions (selfpublishing) ?

    Do you choose turnkey solutions (hosted) ?

  • Audience Segments

    What are their ages ?

    Which languages do they speak ?

    What are their timezone ?

    What's the core target ?

  • Cost Structure

    How much does the content cost ?

    How much do equipment and transport cost ?

    How much do developpment and design cost ?

  • Revenue Stream

    Do you get a B to B revenue ?

    Do you get a B to C revenue ?

    Which funds ? Do you use ?

    Do you seek public aids ?

    Do you have sponsors ?


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