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Collaborate Outside the Box!

Unleash your team’s creativity

Innovation, creativity and collaboration represent the 3 keystones of any successful business in the 21st century, but text-based collaborative solutions do not translate the way we interact and collaborate in real life.

Considering the increasing number of employees working in remote teams scattered across the world, the need for new creative ways to collaborate is obvious.

TUZZit is the virtualization of the most simple, creative and widely used collaborative tool from the real world. It is designed to help creative teams to develop and share ideas.

What’s in it for businesses ?

  • Develop your creative ideas with your team
  • Get access to canvases, visual templates & tools
  • Chat and interact with teammates in real-time
  • Keep your work private or share it with your community
  • Keep a good overview of your multiple projects
  • Add creative content to your whiteboards

Get your own collaborative platform.

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Shake your ideas and discover the true creativity
within your business


Collaborate with your community

Share your knowledge & inspire your members

Although the definition, structure and strategy of accelerators and incubators vary extensively, the overall goal is generally the same. They are designed to increase the odds of success of startups and companies participating in their program.

The quality of accelerators and incubators program depends on :

  • the services provided to startup companies;
  • the network of mentors, investors, partners, and alumni;
  • and the relevance of experts and workshops (Marketing, Pitching, Business Models,...)

Being a successful accelerator/incubator is challenging because the leadership team, the mentors and the investors must build an environment helping the entrepreneurs to focus, grow and prosper.

TUZZit is the only platform that can allow this entrepreneurial network to share knowledge and ideas in a creative way, but also to collaborate on business tools and methodologies.

What’s in it for accelerators & incubators ?

  • Get your own tailor-made creative platform
  • Work in real-time with your members and mentors around the world
  • Share your knowledge with your partners and alumni
  • Engage your members
  • Use well-known business canvases and creative methodologies
  • Upload your own canvases online

They use and trust TUZZit !

WSL incubator Nest-up accelerator

Get your own collaborative platform


Shake your community ideas and build a true collaborative culture


Share your knowledge

Inspire people and transform their businesses

Coaches and mentors support businesses to achieve their objectives. Through their experience and knowledge, they are able to guide entrepreneurs to success.

TUZZit allows them to use a wide range of visual canvases and methodologies used for business modeling, brainstorming, problem solving, time management, creative thinking... and to collaborate in real-time on them with their clients.

Extend your coaching sessions with businesses

When your clients have a TUZZit account, they are able to continue their collaboration with you and to ask for your advice on certain projects, brainstormings or problem-solving situations. Thus TUZZit allows you to stay in contact with your clients and to guide them even after the physical coaching sessions took place.

TUZZit creates value for you and your clients


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Engage your students

Create, develop and exchange ideas

At the internet age and our unlimited access to information, Schools and Universities should not only be feeding knowledge to students. They must become creative spaces where new ideas emerge and projects are born.

TUZZit gives another dimension to the collaboration within your classrooms, workshops and group assignments through the virtual whiteboard. It allows to collaborate in real-time on a large number of canvases and visual methodologies.

TUZZit also helps professors and teachers to engage classes, but also to teach students some visual and design thinking skills.

What’s in it for universities and professors ?

  • Foster creativity among the student community.
  • Manage multiple student teams easily.
  • Give your input on group projects in real-time.
  • Bring more creativity to your lectures and workshops.
  • Keep in touch with the evolution of creative & design thinking.
  • Use well-known canvases and methodologies.

Bring visual collaboration to your institution.

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In education we trust ! That’s why we have special offers for schools and universities.