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Shake your ideas & collaborate visually
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TUZZit Tools
Expand your knowledge in Creativity,
Design Thinking & Visual Canvases
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TUZZit Tools

Start a collaboration on a visual methodology in 20 seconds !

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Dedicated to visual collaboration and creativity!


It combines the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of creative, problem-solving and business canvases and methodologies.

It allows you to collaborate with teammates, colleagues & clients in real time around the world.

Discover the features and special offers for teams and organizations.


Expand your knowledge with the Canvas Library and the TUZZit Mag.

The Canvas Library holds precious information on the canvases, templates or methodologies that can be used on TUZZit, but it also provides informations on their creators.

The TUZZit Mag holds articles destined to foster creativity and innovation in organizations. Learn more about Creativity, Design Thinking, Business Analysis & Modeling...

Articles are written by our team, creative partners and our growing community eager to bring collaboration to a new level. Contact us if you would like to propose a new canvas or an article for the Academy.


They trust us

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“TUZZit is a powerful collaborative tool I recommend for journalists and content creators to craft business models for their work and projects. Thanks to TUZZit, my journo-wannabe-entrepreneurs-students were able to build 20 solid crowdfunding campaigns and deliver quality content to their audience.” Read more.

Damien Van Achter uses TUZZit in Journalism Master Class

Damien Van Achter

Founder, @LabDavanac

“As an incubator for technological projects, we’ve had the chance to work with the TUZZit team. Christophe Fruytier and his team are very efficient, conscientious and motivated. They are always available to listen to their partners and clients in order to respond to their expectations.” Read more.

Christian Springub

Florence Clotuche

Marketing Manager, WSL