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Discover the new features of TUZZit 3.0

Unleash your creativity thanks to our new tools

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An optimized version

Better, faster, strong - discover TUZZit like you've
never seen it before!

  • Discover our brand new features
  • Brand new modes to express your creativity

Discover our brand new offers!

Even more features for brand new offers that will allow you to experience TUZZit to the fullest.

  • Chat with your collaborators in live video!
  • Moderate your boards and keep them under your control
  • Upload your own canvas and use them on your boards

The new features of TUZZit 3.0

Get access to brand new features and tools that will boost your creativity.

  • Connect your ideas thanks to the "Connector" tool
  • Embed your old boards within your new ones.
  • Pick the exact color of post-it that you want

Video coaching

Coach your collaborators really easily thanks to this feature! Invite them to your board and start a videoconference to guide them. They'll be able to see you and hear you thanks to your webcam, but they'll only be able to ask you their questions through the board chat.

Thanks to this option, you'll be able to collaborate like never before!

Board moderation

You shared your board on your social networks but you still want to keep everything under your absolute control? Don't worry, it's possible now! Thanks to our brand new moderation system, you'll be able to manually validate every post-it of your board before it actually appears on it.

This way, you're certain to control whatever is going on on your boards.


Connect your ideas!

Thanks to the connectors, you'll be able to connect your ideas and thus to brainstorm even more efficiently. Create networks of ideas to remember in which order you made your boards, so you can read it again later more easily.

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